dynamic window manager, forked from luke smith's build
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diff --git a/help.mom b/help.mom @@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ By \f(CWMod\fP, I mean the Super Key, usually known as "the Windows Key." .PP FAQs are at the end of this document. .HEADING 1 "Welcome!" -.HEADING 2 "Basic goals and principles of this system:" +.HEADING 2 "Basic goals and principles" .LI .ITEM \fBNaturalness\fP \(en @@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ All terminal programs (and other programs) use vim keys when possible. Your hands never need leave the home row or thereabout. .ITEM \fBDecentralization\fP \(en -This system is a web of small, modifiable and replaceable programs that users can easily customize. +This system is a web of small, modifiable, and replaceable programs that users can easily customize. .LIST OFF .HEADING 2 "General keyboard changes" .LI @@ -67,18 +67,7 @@ This setting can be changed if you don't like it by deleting or commenting out t .HEADING 2 "The Status Bar" .PP To the left, you'll see the numbers of your current workspace/tag(s). -On the right, you'll see various system status notifiers, the date, volume, even music and local weather if possible, etc. -Each module on the right of the status bar is a script located in \f(CW~/.local/bin/statusbar/\fP. -You can see what they do and modify them from there. -I'm sure you can figure it out. -You can also right click on the module to see what it does. -.PP -The program dwmblocks is what is run to generate the statusbar from those scripts. -You can edit its config/source code in \f(CW~/.local/src/dwmblocks/\fP to tell it what scripts/commands you want it to display. -.HEADING 2 "Deeper Tutorials" -.PP -Press \f(CWmod+shift+e\fP at any time to get a menu of programs to watch videos about streaming directly from YouTube. -You can also check the config files for programs which detail a lot of the specific bindings. +On the right, you'll see various system status notifiers. .HEADING 1 "Key Bindings" .PP The window manager dwm abstractly orders all of your windows into a stack from most important to least based on when you last manipulated it.